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Express Entry draws will resume soon

Express Entry draws will resume soon

The conditions for several categories of immigrants have also changed.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced several important changes to Canada's immigration policy.

To ensure that applications are processed on time, and to avoid losing skilled foreign professionals who are not willing to stay in Canada in obscure status while waiting for officials to decide, the Department of Immigration is allowing everyone who has applied for permanent residency to obtain an open work permit. This permit will be valid until the end of 2024.

Foreign graduates who have a work permit can extend it for up to 18 months. The permit already issued must expire between January and December 2022, then from summer 2022, graduates will be able to apply and renew it. The Department of Immigration will publish details in the near future.

All applicants who are awaiting a ministerial decision are no longer required to remain in the country. Those family members of the principal applicant, whom he or she listed when applying for permanent residency, will have the right to enter Canada and their own open work permit. These changes will also take effect in the summer of 2022.

Selections for the Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class programs are promised to resume in July 2022.

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